Thursday, July 17, 2008

HowTo: Using SharePoint Calculated Columns to Display Current Month List Items

Today I was asked by a co-worker to see if I could modify their SharePoint view to only show tasks created in the current month. I knew this option was not previously available as a standard choice but I have not done any SharePoint development in years so I was hoping SharePoint Services 3.0 would have added this feature.

After spending a couple minutes in Edit List it was apparent that it was not available. A quick Google search did not produce any "easy" solutions so I thought I'd blog my solution.

My solutions involved creating two computed columns (both calculated columns return Date Only values):

  1. Created First Day Of Month


  2. Created Last Day Of Month


I then added the below filters to view:

That's it. Basically I create a computed column for the first and last day of the month when the task was created and then filter by today's date being between the two. I found this to be an easy and quick method. Please comment and let me know if there is an easier method.


Meina said...

Thanks! Very helpful. And you are correct in the confusing mess that is googling for such a simple function. Cheers.

Ryan said...

I've used the same technique in this post along with functions to show the previous calendar month, current calendar week etc.

Ang said...

This works great! I really appreciate the help.

vikranthreddy said...

this is working fine for current year only.When i add a list item with previous year it is not working